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Employment, Hours, and Earnings 2021


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Bernan Press proudly presents the 15th edition of Employment, Hours, and Earnings: States and Areas, 2020. A special addition to Bernan Press Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data, this reference is a consolidated wealth of employment information, providing monthly and annual data on hours worked and earnings made by industry, including figures and summary information spanning several years. These data are presented for states and metropolitan statistical areas.

This edition features:

  • Nearly 300 tables with data on employment for each state, the District of Columbia, and the nation’s seventy-five largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs)
  • Detailed, non-seasonally adjusted, industry data organized by month and year
  • Hours and earnings data for each state, by industry
  • An introduction for each state and the District of Columbia that denotes salient data and noteworthy trends, including changes in population and the civilian labor force, industry increases and declines, employment and unemployment statistics, and a chart detailing employment percentages, by industry
  • Ranking of the seventy-five largest MSAs, including census population estimates, unemployment rates, and the percent change in total nonfarm employment,
  • Concise technical notes that explain pertinent facts about the data, including sources, definitions, and significant changes; and provides references for further guidance
  • A comprehensive appendix that details the geographical components of the seventy-five largest MSAs

  • The employment, hours, and earnings data in this publication provide a detailed and timely picture of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the nation’s seventy-five largest MSAs. These data can be used to analyze key factors affecting state and local economies and to compare national cyclical trends to local-level economic activity.

    This reference is an excellent source of information for analysts in both the public and private sectors. Readers who are involved in public policy can use these data to determine the health of the economy, to clearly identify which sectors are growing and which are declining, and to determine the need for federal assistance. State and local jurisdictions can use the data to determine the need for services, including training and unemployment assistance, and for planning and budgetary purposes. In addition, the data can be used to forecast tax revenue. In private industry, the data can be used by business owners to compare their business to the economy as a whole; and to identify suitable areas when making decisions about plant locations, wholesale and retail trade outlets, and for locating a particular sector base.

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